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Cities across the globe have started tracking their #carbon emission to benefit from the offsets. Many cities want to use the carbon offsets as the means of #funding their #infrastructure #investment requirements. The question is, Has your city started me…
Ghana will solve the debt crisis without IMF help, finance minister says: Ghana is committed to managing its #debt without assistance from the #InternationalMonetaryFund (IMF), ASmartcities photo

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African Cities – On the path to become Globally Competitive

Many African countries are on the path to constructing new cities, as opposed to transforming existing cities to become smart cities. It is not about the look or the design of the buildings in a city that make a city “SMART”. The top 10 global smartcities (London, Singapore, Seoul, New York, Helsinki, Montreal, Boston, Melbourne, Barcelona and Shangai) are actually very old cities that have been around for a long time. There is a big misconception among African leaders on this subject. You do NOT require to build a city from scratch to achieve a smart city status. It starts by developing the “Smart City Strategy” that addresses short, medium and long term implementations.
Why do South African girls look tall in their graduation pictures? Is it Photoshop?
@eNCA @JJTabane Millions South African go to bed empty stomach and grown ass men discussing a 22 million flag

Sisekakeni Yaz
TropicianMrufa photo
Imagine growing up hating ur complexion, kids making fun of you in school calling you Blackie or African I even found myself not wanting to procreate with anyone as dark as me so my kids wouldn’t have to go through the same thing… I’m glad I grew up I’m glad I’m wiser 607_richard photo
note “proto-cubism”. Cubism heavily took from African art, as did many art movements not based in realism. RamenCerberus photo
Twenty-two MILLION South African RANDS for a glow-in-the-dark Flag 🇿🇦
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