Funding Mechanisms, Benchmarking, Knowledge, People, Leadership, SmartCity Strategy, Innovation, Digital Inclusion, Open Platforms and most of all is the question CAN YOUR GOVERNMENT AFFORD?

We and our partners have developed a methodology to assessing cities against their journey to becoming Smart Cities.

The methodology offers the world class approach to preparing many cities to become smart cities and allow those that are already classified as smart cities to remain competitive.

Our smart city index ranks global cities based on economic and technological data, as well as by their citizens’ perceptions of how “smart” their cities are.

Call For Participation

We would like to extend a call for participation to encourage all African cities to share with us their Smart City journey, projects, and developments for us to review in our rankings as well as to learn from your insights.

For the cities that have not started their journey, we invite them to share with us their plans and programs, as we will be able to guide them to use a PROVEN world class methodology to ensure that they remain part of the global smart city community.

If you are interested to feature your city in the rankings, please submit your participation request to us at the link below!


Our methodology involves ranking the Top 50 Smart City African Governments from a broad list of cities that participate in the Program. Over 100 municipalities emerged as the most notable leaders in the worldwide smart city movement, appearing a minimum of two times in smart city rankings such as the 2017 Smart Cities Index by Easypark; the 2016 Cities in Motion Index by IESE; the Smart Cities Ranking by Juniper Research; or Smart Cities Prospects published by Procedia Computer Science

The final ranking report will look like the following

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