Dublin – September 2020

Dublin has fallen four places to 34 in a ranking of smart cities as a result of the lack of affordable housing, air pollution, and traffic congestion cited as the reason for the decline.

While Singapore, Helsinki, and Zurich topped the table of 109 smart cities in the ranking, which has been jointly developed by the Institute for Management Development and the Singapore University for Technology and Design.

Other concerns expressed by the citizens are related to health services, security, and public transport.

The study shows that cities with better technology have managed the coronavirus pandemic much better. It also suggests the Covid-19 crisis is likely to widen inequalities between the haves and have-nots of connectivity, both among and within cities.

This year’s rankings also highlighted the ability of countries to develop cities beyond their capital. In the latest study, Bilbao fares better than Madrid, and Birmingham this year improved by 12 positions whereas London jumped just five.


Four Indian cities — New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru — witnessed a significant drop in their rankings in the global listing of smart cities that was topped by Singapore

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