We encourage mayors to join any of our Programs if they want to move forward on the journey to make their city, a smart city.

The Programs are designed to capture the key aspects of a city’s transformation journey to become a smarter city. Your city will become a Smart city when it is characterized by a high level of community and citizen engagement, and also by its attractiveness for businesses, investments, talent, skills and by its efficient and sustainable city operations.

Through our Programs, we will be able to quickly assess your city strengths and weaknesses in selected key dimension areas related to city smartness.

Why promote your city to be Smart? …… because

Digital technologies can leverage the resilience of cities in many ways. They can help:

1. Improve data collection and management of cities and urban infrastructure.
2. Contribute to increasing access to services and improving their efficiency.
3. Organize citizen participation and control in public life.
4. Promote opportunities for businesses and stimulate innovative companies.
smartcities indicators

Join below and we will send you the 2018/2019 sample report from the Top 50 Global Program. The African city and the In-Country reports will be similar.

Benefits Of Joining

It is important to begin today to capture the data, to be captured year on year as your city go through the journey.

It is important to know your status against your peers in the country, within the continent and globally.

We will take your city on the journey, hand holding you along the way.

Annual Events

We will hold an annual event to announce the in-country Top-3 winners each year

We will hold an annual event to announce the Africa Top-3 winners each year

The hosting of these events circulate from city to city and is done randomly from the votes of the participating cities.


A report is published each year and circulated throughout government departments and municipalities including non-participating ones.

It is also circulated among the top global investors, funds, tourism agencies, developmental institutions, and the private sector.

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